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    founded 1987                     
Address: 63, Bromford Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 7HN

Last updated 18 Nocember 2016

Stockhausen-Verlag now has its own ordering service for CDs etc.

                                                       Special note.
When the society was founded in 1987 the internet as we now know it
did not exist and the only way to listen to the music and consult scores was to visit the society (my flat) where free overnight accommodation was provided.
I also took orders via Paypal and sent thousands of euros to the Verlag for nine years. Now almost every work can be heard on Youtube.  This is a two-edged sword because no-one knows whether the hits have been off-putting for life or
instant or gradual ‘conversion’. The number of hits over sometimes years
are often disappointing and the right hand side of the screen simply puts
Stockhausen among a list of other contemporary composers of which he is
just another name. I will be doing my best to construct talks on other works
using the same approach as on the Gruppen talk and the short one on



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The society is still the only place where a large number of different recordings  can be heard for comparison and practical help given for performance, dissertations, as well as all the items listed below.

All Stockhausen Edition CDs · ICA lecture DVDs · Videos - Scores
Books · Articles · Lectures · Interviews - 40 yrs of recordings · The Hague Tapes. 

Wind Players
       Stockhausen has written over 40 pieces of music for solo instruments.  See under 'Score Orders' for a comprehensive list.

Zyklus (Cycle) for a percussionist was written as a test piece for a competition. We have a dozen performances for visitors to listen to plus
the score and a short and interesting DVD.

        Schlagtrio (Percussive Trio) is for piano and 3 timpani

        Kontakte (Contacts) is for tape, piano and percussion and is the most enduring and marvelous work for this combination that has ever been  written and has world-wide performances.