Please note. This is a list of articles in English that appeared in Texte VI. I have not been able to trace every single one yet and some are brief or only mention Stockhausen in passing. Therefore this list acts also as a time-saving guide to anyone who consults Texte VI in the future. Lots of additions to this list have been obtained since it was compiled and these will be coloured orange.


Most of the articles are useful and of interest to all lovers of Stockhausen's music. Visitors to the society can, of course, read all of them if so wished.  Alternatively. copies may be obtained through the                             Stockhausen Society Library Service. 


It has not been possible to list articles according to subject or work as some articles deal with several entirely different works


Bold type means we have the item. Blue means not in Texte IV index [either accidentally omitted by complier or later than 1986]


BACKUS John. Die Reihe - A scientific evaluation. Perspective of New Music 1/1 1962 160-171. Also in Composer1965 no.15. Further debate by Hugh Davies and letter from Peter Maxwell Davies who describes PNM as a 'composer's magazine for composers'  Stockhausen's terminology examined with interesting comments on acoustics, contemporary music, Kontakte 

BARRETT Nick: Anything goes- The Listener 1978 Vol 100 276-77. Stimmung (general description) Ligeti' Voumina and Imrat Kahn

BARRY BarbaraStockhausen's Plus-Minus ...College Music Symposium XVII/2 1977  42-46

BARRY Barbara  Stockhausen's Plus Minus...Composer 1978/9 no.65 13-16

BEER Roland de: Karlheinz Stockhausen in Holland: they haven't heard the last of each other. Key Notes 1983 no 17 33-77  Short but interesting interview after The Hague visit

BIBBY Gillian. Genius or madman? Stockhausen the demagogue as teacher Canzona II 1981 no.7

BIRD John. Ooooaaaaaaaooohh. Listener 18 April 68 English humourist Bird, parallels the sound heard from an audience member at the end of Le Marteau with the accidental tripping into the percussion by a player after Gruppen at RFH @Radio listeners must have thouhgt 'For a second we though we'd had an encore' An amusing and interesting read.

BOGDANOV  Michael  From Essex to Stockhausen. Plays International 2.9.85

BRACANIN Philip K. The abstract system as compositional matrix. An examination of  applications by Nono.Boulez and Stockhausen Studues in Music V 1971 75-107 Technical examination of Il Conto Sospeso/Structures I/Piano Piece VII

BRANDORFF Steffen and Jorg LE COUR. Karlheinz Stockhausen's KONTAKTE. Electronic Music and Musical Acoustics i  1975 75-107

BRITTON Peter. Stockhausen's path to opera. Musical times 1985 515-21

BURGE David. Contemporary Piano. An exegesis of Stockhausen's Klavierstuck X.  Contemporary Keyboard VII 1981 no.2 68. A review of Herbert Henck's book 'Stockhausen's Klavierstuck X, A Contribution To Understanding Serial Technique' 1 page

CARDEW  Cornelius 

1. Composed laughter. The New Statesman LXX 1965 943-4  Brief comments on Stockhausen's ICA Question and Answer session 1966 

2.Stockhausen Serves Imperialism. The Listener 1972 809-10 Brief Review of Refrain (one column).

3.Report on Stockhausen's Carr. Musical Times 1961 619-22 698-700 Cardew was Stockhausen's assistant during the composition of Carre. Important report.

4. Stockhausen's Plus-Minus  London Magazine April 1967 86-90                       

CARLSON Effie.B  Karlheinz Stockhausen in: A Bio-bibliographical Dictionary of Twelve-note Composers"  Metuchen, N.J. 1970 163-9

CHANAN Michael. 1. New Music, New Ears. ICA Magazine. April 1968 19-22. Interesting short article on Kontakte. Quotes Stanley Sadie [The Ttimes] "Important to emphasise that the processes and structure behind the work, simply do not matter; the only thing that does is its sound"

2.Notes on Stockhausen (and the 'feeling' of music') Art International January 1970 36-38. Very interesting article. Discussion on It and Meeting Place and Spiral.

CHOU Wen-Hung. Asian concepts and twentieth century Western composers. The Musical Quarterly 1971 226-272. 8 lines claiming Cage's influence on KS PP XI [wrong]. Originale and Microphonie I

CLARK Robert Charles. Total control and chance in Music: a philosophical analysis. Journal Of aesthetics and Art Criticism XXVIII 1970 355-60. Stockhausen mentioned once in passing.

CLEMENTS Andrew. Thursday's Child. Opera 1985 988-983

CRAFT Robert. Boulez and Stockhausen. The Score 1958 no 24. 54-62 This contains a marvellous and very informative few pages on Le Marteau sans Maitre for the listener. A few pages on Zietmasse dwelling on Stockhausen's score writing and destruction of the beat. The influence of Webern and Stravinsky is emphasised throughout.

CROSS Anthony. The significance of aleatoricism in twentieth century music. MR 1988 305-22

CROWTHER Malcolm. Stockhausen in Amsterdam. Performance 1980/81 no1 41-3 Short but very interesting review of Donnerstag

CSENDARY Kristof. Contemporary Music in '84  Hungarian Music News II 1985 no1 10-16

DAVIES Hugh 1. Working with Stockhausen. Composer 1978  no 27 2 pp Description in diary form of author's part in preparing Mikrophonie I.

2. Stockhausen's Intuitive Music Musics Apr/May 1975  2pp Brief comment on performing intuitive music when Davies was part of Gentle Fire.

DEL MAR  Norman  On co-conducting Stockhausen's Gruppen  Tempo 19614pp

DEPONTE Neil. No 9 Zyklus: How and why? The Percussionist February 1973

EMMERSON Simon  Stimming (part 2) Notes towards an analysis Contact 4 pp

FRY Laura. Stockhausen's 'You are a spirit' [5th song of Indianerlieder]. Sonus IV 1983  In-depth analysis of all aspects of this song. Fascinating

GARANT Serge Karhlheinz Stockhausen: the composer of the future. JMC Musical Chronicle 1959 2pp Stockhausen's compositional in electronic music

GEBURA Alice Spectral shape as a reflexion of the text in Stockhausen's 'In the sky I am walking' from Indianerlieder. Sonus 1980 no1 Fascinating analysis of this work

GRIFFITHS Paul  1.Aus dem funf Tagen: Stockhausen in London Musical Times 1972 Mildly interesting review of this normally favourable critic KS of Mantra, Stimmung. Spiral. Pole Prozession PPIX

2. A Stockhausen Survey Musical times 1977 A mildly interesting overview of KS works up to Tierkries.

HARRIS Bernard  Stockhausen: a personal view. Soundpost 1981-2 Short paragraph on linguist influence on composition of Momente

HARVEY Jonathan  1. Stockhausen: Theory and Music. Music Review 1968. A review of Stockhausen's methods of composition and their basis in musical theory and development, An almost bar-by-bar analysis of Piano Piece 5.

2.Harmony Stonechat 1 1980  Highly interesting article covering aspects of harmony, tuning,intonation with special reference to 'Downwards' from 'From the Seven Days'

3..Stockhausen's Hymnen  Musical Times 1975 705 and 7  Standard 'programme note' review

HOLLOWAY Robin  Inori Tempo1982. 2pp Highly  adverse critical review of Inori.

HOPKINS G W 1 Stockhausen's Piano Pieces Musical Times 1955 p 331 Three-quarter page review of 1-8. Interesting and favourable. About PP6 'What makes it particularly interesting is the conflict between the minute differentiations of some pages and the breadth of conception towards the end'

2 Stockhausen: Form and Sound.  Musical times 1968 Good reviews of Mixtur, Kontakte, Plus-Minus. 'Mixtur is one of the most interesting scores of recent years -can be read- yields much to analysis -must be heard live!'

JACKSON Roland Polarities, Sound Masses and Intermodulations; A view of the recent music. Music Review 1980 Use of the ideas in the title by various composers. 12 lines on Stockhoven-Beethausen; Opus 70

JOSOPOVICI Gabriel  The importance of Stockhausen's Inori  Radical Philosophy 1975 No. 11

KAY Norman  Stockhausen's Electronics. Music & Musicians 1970 1p Brief review of performance of Meeting Point (From the Seven Days). No intrinsic worth

KLEIN Lothar. Twentieth Century Analysis. Essays in miniature. Muisc Educators Journal LIV 1968 117/9

KOHL Jerome 1. Serial Permutation and Intuitive Music. An analysis of Stockhausen's 'From the Seven Days'  In Theory Only III 1978 no. 12 pp7-19 Important and fascinating easily understood. A must.

2. The evolution of macro-micro time relations in Stockhausen's music PNM Fall/Winter 83 pp147-83 and Summer 84 Comments later but highly interesting

3. Stockhausen at La Scala  Semper idem, sed non eodem modo [Always the same but not in the same way]

Perspectives of New Music XVII 1983-4 483-501 Interesting account of Samstag's premiere in Milan and observations about the music and performance.

KONTARSKY Aloys  Notation for piano  Perspectives of New Music 1972 72-91 Interesting comments on playing the complicated notation of contemporary piano music with some ref to KS

KRAMER Jonathan 1. The Fibonacci series in twentieth century music Journal of Music Theory  XVII 1973 110-149  4 pages devoted to analysis of Piano Piece IX.

2.Moment Form in twentieth century music The Musical Quarterly 1978 pp171-94 Review of the development of moment form. A few mildly interesting insights.

3 Stockhausen in Dictionary of Contemporary Music ed. J Vinton.2pp An interesting, well-thought out re-cap of Stockhausen's development. Worth reading.

LAMBERT Jim  A student's preparation of Zyklus. the Percussionist Autumn 1973 15

LOWENS I. Stockhausen's Sirius  American Choral Review XIX 1977 no 19 24-26 Concise introduction to Sirius Useful for newcomers to the work

LUENING Otto Karlheinz Stockhausen. Julliard Review 1958-9  2pp A brief review of the beginnings of electronic music including influence of Meyer-Eppler, Eimert etc

MACONIE Robin 1. Stockhausen's Mikrophonie I -Perception in Action. PNM 1972 92-101 An interesting series of observations with reference to other works

2. Setz die Siegel zur Sonne  Tempo 1970 no 92 20-37 3pp brief but useful comments on intuitive music

3. Stockhauen's Mantra  The Listener 1973 2pp Short but interesting comments plus remarks on Ylem

4. Stockhausen's Inori Tempo 1974 No.111 32/33 Very short review

5 Towards a psychology of musical aesthetics Soundings IX 1979-80 20pp but just 3 lines about Piano Piece IX. Otherwise profound article for studying the subject.

6. Momente in London Tempo 1973 no 104 32-33 Brief overview with, as always, some original comments.

MARCUS Genevieve. Stockhausen's ZeitmasseMusic Music Review XXIX 1968 142-56. A must. this is a marvellous musical analysis for the ordinary music lover, which can almost be said to be a guide to understanding many aspects of Stockhausen's later music.

MANN William Donnerstag aus Licht Opera 1985 pp1330-1335. Thoughtful but slightly negative review, but nevertheless worth reading.

MAREN Roger. The musical numbers game  The Reporter XVIII 1958 37-9

MARKS J. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Listening with the third ear

MASON Colin Review of Music  Music and Letters XXXVI 1955 pp307-8. Criticism of the irregular time signatures of the first three bars of Piano Piece . Old hat.

McGUIRE John Drei Traume FP 1978 no 16 p17 (German title-English text?)

McEHLERAN Brock Preparing Stockhausen's Momente. Perspectives of New Music IV/1 1965 pp33-38 Read conjunction with other Momenter material, this is an interesting article about the inserts.

MILINGTON Barry Music and Machines. Musical Times 1985 pp165-66 Favourable and humorous short review of 1985 concerts in the Barbican. Worth a read.

MORGAN R.P. 1. Mikrophnie I and II -The Excitement of Auditory Experiment. High Fidelity magazine XVIII 1968 no 2 pp79-80

2. The Big Seminal Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, High Fidelity magazine XIX 1969 no.3 pp104and 106

3. Stockhausen's writings on music./ The Musical Quarterly LXI 1975 1-16. Review of Texte Volumes 1-3, discussing how KS writes about his music. Of general interest.

MUSIC IN EDUCATION Stockhausen XLII 1978 pp324-5

MYERS Rollo Notes from abroad. France. Musical times 1954 149-50 8 worthless lines on Stockhausen.

NYMAN Michael Stockhausen and David Bedford  The Listener 1970 vol 83 p593 Concise and useful overview of KS music to that date. Worth reading

OAKES Meredith. Counterpoint:  Stockhausen explains?  Music and Musicians XX 1972 no 8 pp6-7 Slightly interesting comments of KS's three ICA lectures that year. Suggest reading with other articles.

PALMER Tony. Sound of mind, wind and limb. Sunday Times magazine 11.3.73 pp50-54/718 Very favourable and interesting article. Worth reading.

PARSONS Michael 1.Karlheinz Stockhausen New Left Review 1964 no 25 pp53-57 Under title 'motifs'. Of interest in aspects of KS's development.

2. The contemporary pianist  Musical Times 1969 150 -2

PETAZZI PAOLO  Samstag aus Licht  Piano Time II 1984 no 16/17 pp 46-47

POUSSEUR Henri Calculation and Imagination in Electronic Music  Electronic Music Review

Jan 1968 pp21-29 The interesting title is discussed in a usefully and non-technically.

PORTER Andrew  Thursday Splendor The New Yorker 21.10.85  127-32

POTTER Keith Boulez and Stockhausen, Bennet and Cardew  Musical Times `1981 pp170-71 Short but not without some interest especially for those interested in the composers mentioned

PURCE Jill 1.The spiral in the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Main Currents in Modern Thought Vol. 30 sept/Oct 1973 no 1  pp18-27  A must

2. Stockhausen's Musical Notation in: Printed Scores of Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage. Catalogue of the Recreation an Amenities Department. Middlesborough 1973 1-18 Highly interesting. A must.

RICH Alan Karlheinz Stockhausen in: The International Cyclopaedia of Music and Musicians  London 1975 pp2157-2161 A good and favourable introduction to KS's music. Describes Kontrapunkte as a 12 minute diminuendo in which all paramters are diminished -last to notes are pp!

ROUTH Francis Tonality in twentieth century music. Performance1980/81 no. 1 54-59. Only brief mention of Stockhauen with similar brief mentions of many others.

ROSE Gregory Stimmung Part 1: Introduction for the listener .Contact 1979 no 20 pp20-21 General rev.

ROSTAND Claude Karlheinz Stockhausen - Momente II The World of Music IX 1967 no 4 pp 56-59

SCHONFIELD Victor Sergeant Pepper's favourite composer. New Society 7.9.67 p 331 Hostile criticism of Stockhausen's 1967 lectures at the German Institute, especially hatred of  Momente.

SCHONBERGER Elmer Stockhausen:The Billy Graham of contemporary music. Key Notes 1980 no 4 37-60 Brutal sarcastic review of Donnerstag.

SINGER Samuel L. The national scene: Philadelphia (Stockhausen's address to Art Alliance)   Musical Courier CLIX Feb 1959 p32 Brief paragraph reporting KS denunciation of Concert halls and opera houses.

SKULSKY Abraham After Webern, who? American Record Guide XXIII  Jan1959 316-319 A review of Robert Craft's recording of Zeitmasse and Le Marteau sans Mitre. Nothing of relevance to KS or Boulez.

SLATER Christopher "Mantra" Musical Events XXVI June 1971 p13

SMALLEY Roger 1. Stockhausen's Gruppen  Musical Times 1967 797- Highly interesting analysis for ordinary music lover and musicians

2.Stockhausen. The Listener Vol 79 1978 p218 A one page tribute to KS

3. Stockhauen's Piano Pieces: some notes for the listener. Musical Times CX 1969 189-191

4. Some aspects of the changing relationship between composer and performer in contemporary music

Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association XLVI 1969/70 73-84 Interesting examples of how to tackle irrational rhythms of Piano Piece I and their purpose.

5. Stockhausen and development. Musical Times 1970 379-381 Highly interesting article - a must

6. Momente - material for the listener and composer pt I in Musical Times 1974 23-28 Part 2 in MT later in the year plus a letter form Hugh Davies on page 568 of same year. Essential

7. Correspondence in Listener re KS audience figures v. Britten's  R.Smalley/G.Whetam/R.Bradbury 21/28 March 1968

SOUSTER Tim 1.Stockhausen's Plus-Minus  The Listener 1968 259-261 Mainly devoted to the dichotomy of rigid-structured music Cage v. Boulez. Stockhausen v. La Monte Young this is on page of great interest

2.Stockhausen in Darmstadt The Listener 1970 526 Interesting account of Darmstadt and a plea for more KS on Radio 3

3. Stockhausen's Mantra  The Listener 1971 251 'In praise of...' once again Souster's thoughts and comments are highly interesting

4 Stockhausen's Mixtur The Listener 1972 59 Thought-provoking page on the use and effect of ring-modulators

STEIN Leonard 1. The performer's point of view. Perspectives of New Music  1/2 1963 62-71 Subject better treated in Smalley 4.

2. Encounters with new music:Stockhausen, Kraft, Berio,  Pasadena XL 1966 no 2 40-44 Missasble

STOCKHAUSEN Markus Der Dampfergrtel Brass Bulletin no. 54. Very interesting article on how to carry six mutes but of great interest is how these are used in Licht especially in Donnerstag.

TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. Musical Vibes and Cosmic Vibes TLS 2 March 73 Great review of Texte vols 103 and Karl H Worner's book. Highly interesting and positive reviews. Worth reading

TOOP Richard 1.Stockhausen's Concrete Etude Music Review XXXVII Nov 1976 pp295-300  In depth analysis.

2. Messiaen, Gooeyvaerts, Fano, Stockhausen, Boulez  Perspectives of New Music XIII 1974 pp141-16 An in-depth (29 A5 pages)  analysis of the musical ideas of the 1940's and 50's with KS's Kreuzspiel dwelt on. Many technical terms, graphs, note charts etc make this indispensable for all students of composition and interest in Messiaen.

3. 'O Alter Duft' Stockhausen's return to melody Studies in Music X 1976 pp79-97 This article shows how melodies in Mantra hark back to Formel form 1951! Fascinating, brilliant essay covering Mantra, Inori especially but with useful comments on other works e.g Zeitmasse. A must.

4. The work of reconstruction Times Literary Supplement Dec 3 1976. A review of McConie's first book. Richards comments on Maconie's comments throw extra light on the works themselves. A must.

5 On writing about Stockhausen. Contact no 20 1979  This contains a two-years-on look back at Maconie's first book with a detailed discussion on Kreuzspiel and Maconie's welcome insights as well as error (not always his fault). A must.

6. Stockhausen and the sine-wave: the story of an ambiguous relationship. Musical Quarterly 1979. The story of the very beginnings of electronic music and how early experiments with the sine wave were not always successful. Etude and the origins of Study I. Essential to those interested in the subject

7. Stockhausen's Klavierstck VIII  Adelaide Studies in Musicology 1979 reprinted from Miscellanea musicologia Vol 10 (1979) Shows how the formal details of the piece are derived from a 6 x 6 serial square and permutations and to account logically for all deviations from the fundamental scheme. These 19 pages must be the most detailed analysis of a short piece of music ever undertaken. Only for the truly dedicated

8.Stockhausen's electronic works.Sketches and worksheets from 1952-57 Interface X 1951. 45 A5 pages of squares, charts, tables, graphs, diagrams.... For an unsurpassable overview of Stockhausen's 'drawings' this is essential

TUDOR David From piano to electronics Music and Musicians XX 1972 pp24-26. Touches on KS piano pieces slightly and his refusal to perform Piano Piece X. Tudor discovers freedom from rigidity in his compositions using electronics.

WATKINS Glenn Stockhausen's Samstag aus Licht  Contemporary report  in University of Michigan Symphony Band European Tour 1984. A useful synopsis and comments.

WELSH John Music in the Air. Here and There - a Radio Landscape. Interface vol 13 pp199-213 KS Spiral and Kurzwellen mentioned in passing but almost entirely devoted to a graphic 'score' of 'Here and There' by Stuart Smith (with apologies to Plus-Minus and most Cage)