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Choral, Drei Lieder, Chore fur Dori, Sonatine
1/11 CHŐRE FUR DORIS Choruses for Doris UE for a capella choir (cond)
  1/10   DREI LIEDER Three songs UE for alto voice and chamber orch fl  2 cl  bas  tp  trb  2 perc
  1/9   CHORAL Chorale UE for a capella choir
  1/8   SONATINE Sonatina UE for violin
1/7 KREUZSPEIL Cross-Play UE for oboe bass cl  piano 3 perc
  1/6   FORMEL Formula UE for orchestra
  1/5   ETUDE (musique concrète) no score musique concrète
1/4 SPIEL Play for orchestra UE for orchestra
  1/3   SCHLAGTRIO Percussive Trio UE for piano and 3 x timpani
  1/2   PUNKTE Points UE for orchestra
  no1   KONTRA-PUNKTE  Counter-Points UE for ten instruments
  no 2   KLAVIERSTÜCKE I-IV Piano Pieces 1-4 UE  
  no 3/I   ELEKTRONISCHE STUDIE 1 Electronic Study 1 no score  
Electronic Study 2
   no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK V  Piano Piece 5 UE  
  no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK VI Piano Piece 6 UE  
  no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK VII Piano Piece 7 UE  
  no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK VIII Piano Piece 8 UE  
  no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK IX  Piano Piece 9 UE  
  no 4   KLAVIERSTÜCK X  Piano Piece 10 UE  
   no 5   ZEITMASSE  Time-Measures UE  
  no 6   GRUPPEN  Groups UE for three orchestras
  no 7   KLAVIERSTÜCK XI  Piano Piece 11 UE  


Facsimile edition 2001 (a special edition of all the sketches in colour 308 bound pages, hard cover)
  no 9   ZYKLUS Cycle for a percussionist UE  
no 10



For four orchestras and  4 choirs
In two editions 4 separate scores or one large score (new in 2004)

  no 11   REFRAIN UE for piano/vibr/celesta


no 11½ 3 x REFRAIN 2000


piano with 3 woodblocks, sampler-celesta  3 antique cymbals, vibraphone  3 cowbells, glockenspiel, sound proj   Stockhausen Verlag


no 12   KONTAKTE Electronic sounds realisation score   Electronic Music [state English or German ed]
Electronic sounds realisation scores
  Stockhausen Verlag


no 12½   KONTAKTE  Contacts for electronic sounds, piano and percussion [perf score]


score printed on one side only, unbound for performance purposes  Stockhausen Verlag


    KONTAKTE as above [study score]


score printed on both sides, bound, as study score
Stockhausen Verlag
  no 12   ORIGINALE Originals   Musical Theatre with Kontakte
  no 13   MOMENTE Moments


Original score 99 loose-leaf pages


Europe Version 1972
      MOMENTE   Momente consists of six inter-related sections. Each one costs 60 euros
  no 14   PLUS-MINUS


2 x 7 pages for a realisation
  no 15   MIKROPHONIE 1 Microphony1 UE  
  no 16   MIXTUR UE for 5 instrumental groups. 4 each of sine-wave generator players, sound mixers with ring modulators sound projectionis,
  no 16½   MIXTUR UE for small orchestra


no 16   MIXTUR 2003 140.00 for five instrumental groups 4 x sine-wave generators, sound mixers, ring modulators, sound proj Stockhausen-Verlag
  no 17   MIKROPHONIE II UE for 12 singers, Hammond organ (or synth) 4 ring modulators tape
  no 18   STOP for orchestra UE for orchestra
  no 18½   STOP (Paris Version)


for 19 players in six groups


no 18   STOP UND START Stop and Start  


for 6 instrumental groups
Stockhausen Verlag
  no 19   SOLO UE for melody instrument with feedback
  no 20   TELEMUSIK UE electronic music
  no 21   ADIEU UE for woodwind quintet

no 22

  HYMNEN Anthems 38.00 electronic and concrete music/sound proj Stockhausen-Verlag for prev. UE scores also
S9 no 22   HYMNEN - Third Region with orchestra 100.00 electronic music with orchestra/sound proj.Stockhausen-Verlag
  no 23   PROZESSION UE for tam-tam, viola, electronium or synth, piano, microphonist, filterer and level controller
  no 24   STIMMUNG Tuning UE for six vocalists
  no 25   KURZWELLEN Shortwaves UE for 6 players: piano, electronium or synth, 2 x tam-tams, elec viola. sound proj. 4 short-wave receivers.
  no 26   AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN From the Seven days UE 15 text compositions for intuitive music
  no 27   SPIRAL UE for a soloist with short-wave receiver
no 28 DR.K SEXTETT UE for flute, cello, tubular bells and vibraphone
no 29 FRESCO for 4 orchestral groups UE for 4 orchestral groups
S10 no 30  


19.50 for 2 players/singers with 2 shortwave receivers
S10 no 31  


19.50 for 3 players/singers with 3 short-wave receivers/sound proj
S11 no 32  


33.00 for 2 pianists with woodblocks, antique cymbals, sine-wave generators and ring modulators
S12 no 33   FÜR KOMMENDE ZEITEN For Times To Come  19.50 17 texts for intuitive music  
S13 no 34   STERNKLANG Star Sound 47.00 Park Music for 5 groups (21 singers and instrumentalists)
S14 no 35   TRANS 58.50 for orchestra and tape (or 8-track tape and strings, picc. trumpet and drummer.
S15 no36½   AM HIMMEL WANDERE ICH In the sky I am walking 38.00 American Indian songs for two voices
S16 no 37   YLEM 24.50 for 19 players/singers
S17 no 38   INORI Adorations 110.50 for 1 or 2 soloists and orch
S18 no 38½   VORTRAG ÜBER HU Lecture on HU 58.50 for a singer. Musical analysis of Inori with the prayer part for 1 or 2 dancer-mimes + orch or tape
S19 no 39   ATMEN GIBT DAS LEBEN  Breathing gives life 50.50 Choir opera with orch or tape
S20 no 40
no 40½
  HERBSTMUSIK  Autumn Music with full score of

LAUB UND REGEN Leaves and Rain
47.00 Musical theatre for 4 players
clarinet and viola
S21 no 41   MUSIC IM BAUCH Music in the Belly 50.50 for 6 percusionists and music boxes

no 41½

  TIERKREIS Zodiac  19.50 12 melodies of the star signs for a melody or chordal instrument
S23     Tierkreis for high soprano and high tenor/chord inst  26.50  
S24     Tierkreis for soprano or tenor/chord inst 26.50  
S25     Tierkreis for mezzo-sop/alto/low tenor + chord inst 26.50  
S26     Tierkreis for baritone and chordal inst 26.50  
S27     Tierkreis for bass and chordal inst 26.50  
S28     Tierkries for clarinet and piano 26.50  
S29     Tierkreis version for tenor or sop with chord inst 26.50  

no 41

  Tierkreis for chamber orchestra
clarinet horn bassoon strings
S31     Tierkreis (Trio version) for clarinet, flute piccolo, trumpet and piano 84.00
S32     Tierkreis Version 2003 for tenor or soprano and synthesizer 55.00  
S32A     FIVE STAR SOUNDS FOR ORCHESTRA  Five star signs for orch 55.00  
S32B     FIVE MORE STAR SOUNDS for orchestra 80.00  
S33 no 42   HARLEQUIN 46.00 for clarinet
S34 no 42½   DER KLEINE HARLEKIN The little Harlequin 23.50 for clarinet
S35 no 43   SIRIUS 127.00 electronic music and trumpet, soprano, bass clarinet, bass
S36 no 43½   Aries (from Sirius) 24.50 for trumpet and electronic music. A CD of the electronic music alone is available through Stockhausen Stiftung only. Price 19 euros
S37 no 43   Libra (from Sirius) 71.00 for bass clarinet electronic music.  (untransposed score & transposed score) CD of electronic music available separately (see above)
S38 no 43¾   Capricorn (from Sirius) for bass and electronic music in
for bass and electronic music
S39 no 44   AMOUR 22.00 5 pieces for clarinet
S40 no 44½   AMOUR  22.00 5 pieces for flute
S41 no 44¾   AMOUR


5 pieces for saxophone
S42 no 44   VIER STERNE Four Stars in preparation for cello
S43 no 45   JUBILÄUM for orchestra 40.00 for orchestra

no 46


In Friendship for melody instruments. Select from

S44     clarinet 15.50  
S45     flute 15.50  
S46     recorder 15.50  
S47     oboe 15.50  
S48     bassoon 15.50  
S49   basset-horn or bass-clarinet 15.50  
S50     saxophone 15.50  
S51     violin 15.50  
S52     viola 20.50  
S53     cello or double bass 20.50  
S54     trumpet in flat with 4th attachment 30.00  
S55     horn 15.50  
S56   trombone 15.50  
S57     tuba 15.50  


The separate acts were not composed in sequence but have been listed here in performance sequence
Only the numbers of each major part of the operas have been used to show overall sequence of composition

DONNERSTAG  AUS LICHT (Thursday from Light)   Nos.48-50
Opera in three acts, a greeting and a farewell

S58  no 48½   DONNERSTAGS GRUSS (Thursday's Greeting) for 8 brass instruments, piano 3 percussionists


Includes Michael's Call for variable ensemble with 8 parts
S59 no 49  

Act 1 MICHAELs JUNGEND Michael's Youth      



 no 48   Act 2 MICHAELs REISE UND DIE ERDE Michael' Journey Round the Earth  124.00  


 no 50

Michael's Homecoming


 no 50¾   DONNERSTAGs ABSCHIED Thursday Farewell 18.50  for five trumpets

Excerpts from Donn'stag's  Gruss

   1 x 48½   Michaels Ruf  Michael's Call   for variable ensemble (8 parts) See Donnerstags Gruss
S63  2 x 48½   Michael's Ruf  Michael's Call 16.50 Version for 4 trumpets

Excerpts from Act 1

S64   49½   Kindheit Childhood  56.50 for tenor, soprano, bass, trumpet, basset-horn
trrombone, dancer/ tapes. sound porj
S65  1 x 49½      Tanze Luceva! Dance Luceva! 44.00 for basset-horn or bass-clarinet
S66  2 x 49½   Bijou 49.00 for alto, bass clarinet and tape
S67    492/3   Mondeva (Moon-Eve) 56.50 for tenor and basset-horn ad lib: soprano, basss
trombone, mime, elec org or synth, 2 tapes, s.p
S68    49¾   Examen Examination 56.50 for tenor, trumpet, dancer, piano, basset-horn; Ad lib "jury" (spo, bass, 2 dancer mimes, 2 tapes s.p.


  ex 49¾   Klavierstuck XII Piano Piece 12 27.50  



Unsichtbarer Chöre Invisible Choirs


for 16-channel  a capella recording and 8-or 2-track playback

Individual scores from Act 2

S71   1 ex 48   Eingang und Formel Entrance and formula 18.50 for solo Bflat trumpet
S72   2 ex 48   Halt 27.50 for trumpet and double bass
    3 ex 48   Kreuzigung  Crucifixion in
for trumpet and basset-horn 1, clarinet and basset-horn 2, 2 horns, 2 trombones, tuba, electric organ or synth
S73   4 ex 48   Mission und Himmelfahrt Mission and Ascension 27.50 for trumpet and basset-horn

Individual scores from Act 3

S74    50½   Festival


for tenor, sop, bass/ trumpet, basset-horn, trombone/ 2 sop saxophones/ elec.organ (or synth)
3 dancer-mimes/old woman/choir and orch/tapes
S75 1 ex 50½   Drachenkampf Dragonfight


for trumpet, trrombone elec org or synth
S76 2 ex 50½   Knaben Duet Boys' Duet


for 2 soprano saxophones or other instruments
S77 3 ex 50½   Argument 46.00 for tenor, bass, or synth/tape.Ad lib:trumpet, trombone, percussionist


  502/3   Vision 51.00 for tenor, trumpeter dancer Hammond org or synth

SAMSTAG aus LICHT (Saturday from Light) Nos 51-54
Opera and a Greeting in 4 Scenes

S78 no 53½   SAMSTAGs GRUSS Saturday's Greeting


For 26 brass instruments and 12 percussionists
S79 no 51   Scene 1LUZIFERs TRAUM Lucifer's Dream oder KALVIERSTÜCK XIII


 for bass and piano  printed on both sides
A separate edition for performance purposes printed on one side
S80 no 52   Scene 2 KATHINKAs GESANG Kathinka's Chant als LUZIFERs REQUIEM 84.00 for flute and six percussionists or as flute solo (separate flute part included) A CD of the electronic music alone is available through Stockhausen Stiftung only. Price 19 euros
S81 no 53   Scene 3
Lucifer's Dance
148.50 for bass (or trb or euph) piccolo trumpet, piccolo flute/symphonic band or symphony orchestra, stilt dancers, ballet or mimes for stages performances
S82 no 54   Scene 4
Lucifer's Fasrewell


for men's chorus, organ, 7 trombones (live or tape)
  Excerpts & versions x Scene 1



  Klavierstuck XIII - study score


 printed on both sides



  Klavierstuck XIII perf score


 printed on one side
  Excerpts & versions ex Scene 2
S84    51   Traum-Formel


for basset-horn
S85    52½   Kathinkas Gesang


Edition has two parts (i) version with flute and electronic music (ii) realisation score describing how elec mus was produced

Excerpts from Act 3

S86a  1 x 53   Linke Augenbrauentanz  Left Eyebrow Dance 73.50 for flutes and basset-horn, percussionist, synthesizer player
S86b   2 x 53   Rechter Augenbrauentanz Right Eyebrow Dance score in
for clarinets,bassclarinets/percussionists/
synthesizer player
S87   3 x 53   Linker Augentanz Left eye dance


for 2/3 sopr,sax, 2/3 alto sax, 1/2 tenor sax, 1/2 baritone sax, 1 bass sax,percussionist/synth player
 4 x 53   Rechter Augentanz Right eye dance


for oboes, English horns, bassoons, percussionist, synth player
 5 x 53   Linker Backentanz


for trumpets, trombones percussionist synth player
 6 x53   Rechter Backentanz


for trumpets, trombones percussionist synth player
S88   7 x 53   Nasenflügeltanz Wings-of-the-nose-dance


percussion solo or percussion and sytnesizer player


 8 x 53   Oberlippentanz Upper-lip-dance "Protest" 35.00 piccolo trumpet/tromb or euph/4 or 8 horns, 2 percussionists or as Bflat piccolo trumpet solo
S90 9 x 53   Zungenspitzentanz Tip-of-the-tongue dance 35.00 for piccolo-flute/dancer (ad lib) 2 euphoniums or synth, percussionist (ad lib) OR as piccolo solo
S91 10 x 53   Kinntanz Chin Dance


Version for euphonium, percussionist, synth-player OR euphonium, percuss,alto trombones, tenor horns (baritones) tubas

MONTAG AUS LICHT  (Monday from Light) Nos 55-59
Opera in three acts, a greeting and a farewell


no 55   MONTAGs GRUSS (EVA GRUSS) Monday Greeting (Eve's Greeting)


for multiple basset-horn and elec. keyboard instruments (bassett-horn live and tape, or tape only)


no 56   EVAs ERSTGEBURT (Eve's first birth-giving) Act 1 203.50 for 3 sop.3 ten. bass/actor, choir (tape or live): depicted on stage by 21 actresses/children's choir/modern orch (s synth, 1 perc. tape)


no 57   EVAs ZWEITGEBURT (Eve's Second Birth)  Act 2 163.50 for 7 solo boy singers/basset-horn, 3 basset-teases/ piano/choir (tape or live) depicted on stage by 21 actresses) girls choir/modern orch (as in Scene 1)


no 58   EVAs ZAUBER (Eve's Magic)
Act 3
153.00 for basset-horn, alto flute with piccolo flute/choir/children's choir modern orchestra (as in Act 1)


no 59   MONTAGs ABSCHIED (Monday's Farewell) 34.00 for piccolo flute, multiple-soprano voice, elec. keyboard instruments


1 x 59   Quitt Even 40.00 for 3 players (for example alto flute, clarinet, piccolo trumpet)

Excepts from Montag aus Licht


Act 1

S97   Luzifers Zorn Lucifer's Fury 49.00 for bass, actor, synth player, tape
S98   Geburtsfest Festival of Birth 61.50 Version of Evas Erstgeburt for a capella choir and tape
S99    ex 57   Mädchenprosession Girls Procession 40.00 for a cappella girls' choir or women's choir + piano
S100   Klavierstück XIV Piano Piece 14 16.50

Act 2

S101   The Seven Songs of the Days 34.00 for voice (or child's voice) or voice and chordal instrument or for melody inst or melody inst and chordal inst
S102   Wochenkreis Circle of the Week 100.50 Duet for basset-horn and synthesizer

Act 3

S103   Ave 76.00 for basset-horn and synthesizer player
S104   Evas Spiegel Eve's Mirror 16.50 for basset-horn
S105   Susani 23.50 for basset- horn
S106   Susani's Echo 20.50 for alto flute
S107   Der Kinderfänger The Pied Piper 86.00 for alto flute with piccolo, 2 synth players percussionist, tape
S108   Entführung Abduction 24.50 as solo for piccolo flute
S108A   Entfuhrung Abduction 60.00 Version for sop.saxophone and electronic and concrete music or as solo saxophone
Accompanying disc for rehearsals and stereo performances 18.50 available from Stockhausen-Stiftung only.

 Other excerpts

S109   Flautina 25.00 for solo for flute with piccolo and alto flute
S110 2 x 59   Ypsilon 19.50 for a melody instrument with microtones
S111 4 x 59   Ypsilon 28.50 Version for flute
S112 3 x 59   Ypsilon 44.00 Version for basset-horn
S113   Xi 19.50 for a melody instrument with microtones
S114   Xi 25.00 as above Version for basset-horn
S115   Xi 21.50 as above Version for alto flute

DIENSTAG AUS LICHT (Tuesday from Light) Nos 47,60, 61
Opera in a greeting and two acts with a farewell


no 60

  DIENSTAGs GRUSS Tuesday Greeting) Welcome with Peace Greeting 45.00 for soprano, 9 trumpets, 9 trombones, 2 synthesiser players. choir conductor and co-conductor

no 47

  JAHRESLAUF auf DIENSTAG Course of the Years  Act 1 148.50 for tenor bass/4 dancer-mimes/an actor-singer, 3 mimes, little girl, beautiful woman, mod. orch/tape, or as quasi concert perf for tenor bass mod orch/tape

no 61

Act 2 Important see scores 58, 59
163.00 for solo soprano, tenor,bass/ 3 trumpets (1st always plays flugelhorn, 3 trombones, 2 synth players with 2 assistants/ 6 tutti trumpets, 6 tutti trombones (ad lib) choir, 8-track tape (octophonic electronic music)

no 61

  DIENSTAGs ABSCHIED Tuesday Farewell 40.00 for choir, a player of electronic keyboard instruments, electronic music
  Alternative Concert Performance of:

no 47½

The Course of the Years  for tape and modern orchestra = 3 harmoniums anvil 3 piccolo flutes bongo three sop sax bass drum elec harpsichord (or syth/sampler) guitar


Note: This was the first work of the Licht Cycle but cannot be performed in this version as Act One of Dienstag (Tuesday) which has much additional material added for this purpose.
As Act 1 of Dienstag it is no 47
S120A   1 ex 61 OCTOPHONIE electronic music
of Act 2 of Tuesday from Light
  Excerpts from Dienstag's Gruss
S121 1 x 60   Willkommen Welcome 20.50 for trumpets, trombones, 2 synthesizer players


2 x 60



for alto flute and basset-horn [no sound proj]

Excerpts from Dienstag aus Licht

S123  1 ex 47   Piccolo from Course of the Years 14.50 solo for piccolo flute [3'30]
S123a  1 ex 47   Piccolo (as above) 18.50 for soprano saxophone and geisha bell

  2 ex 47

  Saxophone from Course of the Years 18.50 for solo soprano sax or same with bongo


 2 ex 61   Signale zur Invasion Signals to Invasion 40.00 for trombone and electronic music
S126   61½   Pietà 40.00 for flugelhorn, soprano, electronic music, or for flugelhorn and electronic music
S127 ex 61   Synthi-Fou (Piano Piece XV) 40.00 for a player of electronic keyboard instruments and electronic music

(Friday from Light) No 64


no 64

  FREITAG-VERSUCHUNG Friday Tempation 203.50 for sop , baritone, bass, flute, basset-horn, children's orch, children's choir, 12 choir singers, a synthesizer player, 12 couples of dancer-mimes (optional in concert performances), electronic music with sound scenes (24-track tape)

Excerpts from Freitag

S129   Antrag (real scene 1) 35.00 for soprano, bass, flute, basset-horn electronic music, sound projection (fingerings for wind insts included)
S130   Children's Orchestra, Children's Choir- Children's Tutti
(real scenes 2,3,4)
50.00 Scenes can be performed inivdiually.
Score contains
Children's orchestra (16 insts)and soprano, flute, basset-horn , a synthesizerplayer, electronic music
Children's Choir (e.g 24 voices) and bass, a synth player, electronic music
Children's Tutti for children's orch, children's choir, soprano, bass, flute, basset-horn, synth-player, electronic music
S131   Zustimmung Consent (real scene 5) 35.00 for soprano, bass, flute, basset-horn, electronic music
S132   Fall (real scene 6) 35.00 for soprano, baritone, flute, basset-horn, electronic music
S133   Kinder-Krieg Children's War (real scene 7) 35.00 for children's choir, synthesizer, possibly basset-horn. electronic music
S134   Reue Repentance (real scene 8) 35.00 for soprano, flute, basset-horn, electronic music
S135   Elufa (real scene 9) 44.00  flute, basset-horn,
S136   Chor-Spirale Choir Spiral (real scene 10) 23.00 for 12 choir singers (3S 3A 6B) electronic music ad lib
S136A   Vibra-Elufa 39.00 for vibraphone
S137   Freia 26.50 for flute
S138   Freia 29.50 for basset-horn
S139   Klavierstück XVI Piano Piece 16 30.50 for tape stringed pf, electron keyboard insts
S139A   Klavierstück XVI      45.00 for synthesizer with stringed pf and tape
version by Antonia Pŕrez Abellán
S140    CD for Klavierstuck XVI 19.00 for rehearsals and stereo perf, the compact disc electronic music for PPXVI
S141   Komet Comet as Piano Piece XVII 38.00 for electronic piano, electronic and concrete music, sound projectionist
S142   (additional material for above) 23.00 For rehearsals and stereo perf, the compact disc 64 electronic music for PPXVII
S143   Komet Version for a percussionist, electronic and concrete music. Contact Stockhausen-Verlag

MITTWOCH AUS LICHT  Wednesday from Light  Nos 65-71
Opera in a greeting, four scenes and farewell

S144 no 65   MITTWOCHs GRUSS Wednesday's Greeting 50.00 Electronic Music score
S145 no 66   WELT-PARLAMENT World Parliament (Scene 1) 151.50 for a cappella choir (with singing conductor)
S146 no 68   ORCHESTER-FINALISTEN Orchestra Finalists (Scene 2) 75.00 for orchestra, electronic music
S147 no 69   HELIKOPTER-
Helicopter String Quartet
(Scene 3)
102.00 for string quartet, four helicopters with pilots and 4 sound technicians/4 television transmitters. 4 x 3 sound transmitters, auditorium with 4 columns of televisions, 4 columns of  loudspeakers, sound proj with mixing console/moderator ad lib
S148 no 70   MICHAELION (Scene 4) 163.00 for choir, bass with short-wave receiver/flute, basset-horn, trumpet, trombone/ synth  player, tape, 2 dancers

no 71

  MITTWOCHs ABSCHIED Wednesday's Farwell Electronic Music Score

Excerpt from Mittwoch

S149a   Klavierstuck XVIII (PP 18)


for electronic piano

no 67

  Licht-Ruf  Call from Light


for trumpet, basset-horn, trombone or other instruments (for example as interval signal on tape) [5 x 22" or more often]

Solos from Orchester-Finalisten

S151   oboe 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S152   violoncello 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S153   clarinet 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S154   bassoon 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S155   violin 19.50  CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S156   tuba 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S157   flute 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S158   trombone 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S159   viola 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S160   trumpet 19.50  CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S161   double bass 19.50 CD of electr mus available separately see S162
S162   Electronic music CD for above 19.00 for  11 soli from Orch. Finalisten

Other excerpts from Mittwoch

S163   3 ex 70   Bassetsu-Trio 34.00 for basset-horn, trumpet and trombone
S163A   Bassetsu 40.00 for basset-horn
S164   Thinki 30.50 for flute
S165   Rotary 22.50 for  woodwind quintet
S166   Rotary (5 perf scores) 50.00 with transpositions and special fingerings

SONNTAG AUS LICHT Sunday from Light  Nos 75-80
Opera in six scenes and a farewell

S167 no 75  

SONNTAGS  GRUSS Sunday's Greeting) Lichterwasser
  Lights-Waters Scene 1

102.00 for soprano, tenor and orchestra with synthesizer
S168  no 76   ENGEL PROCESSIONEN Angel Processions  Scene 2 140.00 for a capella choir
S169 no 77   LICHT-BILDER Light-Pictures Scene 3 164.00 for basset-horn, flute with ring-modulation, tenor, trumpet with ring-mod, synthesizer
S170 no 78   DŰFTE-ZEICHEN Scents-Signs
Scene 4
140.00 for 7 vocalists, boy's voice, synthesizer
sound projectionist
S171a no 79   HOCH-ZEITEN  High Times
Scene 5
168.00 for choir
S171b   HOCH-ZEITEN  High Times
Scene 5
158.00 for orchestra
S172 no 80   SONNTAGS ABSCHIED (Sunday Farewell ) 148.00 electronic music (5 synthesizers)
  excerpts from Sonntags Abschied
S173 no 80½   Strahlen Rays  in prep for a percussionist and 10-track tape. Contact Stockhausen-Velag]
  Excerpts from Dufte-Zeichen
S174   Cuchulainn (Monday Scent) 36.00 for soprano with synthesizer
S175   Kyphi  (Tuesday Scent) 39.00 for tenor and bass with synthesizer
S176   Mastix (Wednesday Scent) 37.00 for soprano, tenor and baritone
S177   Rosa Mystica (Thursday Scent) 37.00 for tenor with synthesizer
S178   Tate Yunanaka (Friday Scent) 39.00 for soprano and tenor with synthesizer
S179   Ud (Saturday Scent) 37.00 for bass with synthesizer
S180   Weihrauch Frankincense (Sunday Scent) 42.00


 for soprano and tenor with synthesizer
S181   Knaben-Duft  (Boy Scent) 37.00 for alto solo and synthesizer acc. by six vocalist live or on tape
S182   Himmels-Duft (Heaven's Scent) 40.00 duet for alto and boy  with synthesizer and six vocalists live or on tape



  no 73

  TRUMPETENT 29.50 for four trumpets (with tent accessory?)

no 72

  EUROPA-GRUSS Europe Greeting 34.00 for winds and synthesizers (ad lib) [12 1/2]

no 74

  LITANEI 97 35.00 for choir and conductor [23]


K1 no 81 1st HIMMELFAHRT Ascension 80.00
K2 no 82 2nd FREUDE Joy 60.00 for two harps
K3 no 83 3rd NATÜRLICHE DAUERN Natural durations 80.00 for piano
K4 no 84 4th HIMMELS-TUR  Heavens'sDoor 60.00 for a percussionist and a little girl
K5a no 85.1 5th HARMONIEN Harmonies 36.00 for bass clarinet
K5b no 85.2   HARMONIEN 36.00 for flute
K5c no 85.3   HARMONIEN 36.00 for trumpet in C
K6 no 86 6th SCHÖNHEIT Beauty 60.00 for bass clarinet trumpet  flute
K7 no 87 7th BALANCE 60.00 for bass clarinet, english horn flute
K8 no 88 8th GLUCK Bliss 60.00 for bassoon english horn oboe
K9 no 89 9th HOFFNUNG Hope 60.00 for cello viola violin
K10 no 90 10th GLANZ Brilliance 80.00 for bassoon, viola, clarinet, trumpet trombone oboe tuba
K11 no 91 11th TREUE 60.00 bass clarinet basset-horn Eflat clarinet
K12 no 92 12th ERWACHEN Awakening 60.00 cello, trumpet soprano saxophone
* no 93 13th COSMIC PULSES no score electronic music
K13 no 94 14th HAVONA 36.00 for bass and electronic music
K14 no 95 15th ORVONTON 36.00 for baritone and electronic music
K15 no 96 16th UVERSA 36.00 for basset-horn and electronic music
K16 no 97 17th NEBADON 36.00 for horn and electronic music
K17 no 98 18th JERUSEM 36.00 for tenor and electronic music
K18 no 99 19th URANTIA 36.00 for soprano and electronic music
K19 no 100 20th EDENTIA 36.00 for soprano saxophone and elec. music
K20 no 101 21st PARADIES 36.00 for flute and electronic music