The society was formed with one major aim in view which was to promote the music of this truly great composer in as many ways possible. The society's activities are two-fold one is aimed at those music lovers who have unfortunately put their musical faith in critics and broadcasters, who, with limited musical appreciation faculties themselves, sought to prevent others from enjoying and attaining the spiritual heights experienced through listening to and getting to know this great and unsurpassed music. The other is to help students and performers as well as those seeking a greater insight into the music by offering free facilities in the form of a study-room and an up-to-date archive as far as possible.

If you have an open mind and a desire to live a musical life to the full, this is the site for you. You will find that Stockhausen's music is powerful, sublime, humorous, and as Shakespeare put it, can 'haul the souls from men's bodies'

In addition to the services offered and taken by students, authors and researchers, this site will contain the same kind of introduction to Stockhausen's works as will be found in any conventional programme note, dealing with the music's form, content, origins and intentions.

For those who wish to learn more about each work, the society's home base contains tens of articles, radio recordings made over a 36 year period, videos, books, the complete Stockhauen Edition CDs, kindly supplied by Stockhausen-Verlag, private theses and several scores. These resources are being added to continually.


Below is the first newsletter from 1988 which describes in detail the aims of the society and the problems that Stockhausen's music has unjustly encountered through unqualified criticism