The following videos can be viewed only on the society's premises and
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The following programmes were broadcast on national television services and are classed as being in the public domain and recorded for private study

Where these have been obtained by Stockhausen-Verlag special permission will be obtained for copies to be loaned

Otherwise, these may be requested by members of the society only

YLEM  John Bird (English humourist) introduces a programme about this work which begins with a rehearsal, comments by the players and then a performance. Stockhausen then shares the platform with him, and questions are asked from the audience and from listeners phoning into the studio. Main question to Stockhausen is 'Who composed the music?' [public TV broadcast]

PIANO PIECE IX performed by

DONNERSTAG AUS LICHT.   20 minute programme rec. from BBC2 in which Peter Heyworth interviews Stockhausen about all aspects of the opera from plot to melodies. A few minutes of the performance are also included. Followed by discussion with Judith Weir, Michael Nyman [public TV broadcast]

FREITAG aus LICHT  45 minute video from German TV of Stockhausen rehearsing and supervising many aspects of the opera. Mostly devoted to the 'pairs' and it is fascinating to see them close up in full costume.[public TV broadcast]

STOCKHAUSEN AT 60. German TV programme - all in German but show rehearsal and performance of four scenes from Michael's Journey [screen quartered at some points], Stockhausen rehearsing Hymnen with Orchestra [public TV broadcast]

Also a studio discussion where he is verbally attacked by someone professor who cannot understand his music.  KS disarming charm in counteracting, soon brings audience over to his side. Needs to be translated.

KATHINKAS GESANG  Performance of this made at IRCAM with electronic accompaniment. Via IRCAM courtesy of Stockhausen for the society.

EVAS ZAUBER Recording of semi-staged first performance from French TV. Thanks to TV-Lyon and Stockhausen for this addition to the society's archive.[public TV broadcast]

LEAVING HOME Televised rehearsal and performance of Gruppen under Simon Rattle. John Carewe, Daniel Harding[public TV broadcast]

KONTAKTE. This is a video taken from an Open University  broadcast. Stockhausen can be seen and heard describing and singing extracts. Duration 25 mins [publicTV broadcast]